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Enrollment form - This is for the 80 hour in person course.

We sincerely appreciate your decision to attend the Kentucky Auction Academy. To insure that each individual gets the most out of their investment with us, here are a few ground rules to follow:

  1. Registration/Sign-in is 7:45 a.m. Classes will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. HOWEVER ending times vary( see daily schedule).
  2. Breaks will be given each hour (approximately 10 min.) as well as 1 hour daily for lunch.
  3. Dress comfortably but appropriately! No shorts/Sandals/Ragged or torn clothing and no shirts with slang or offensive language.
  4. Classroom is SMOKE FREE and NO DIPPING or CHEWING.
  5. Water, coffee or soda allowed only, no food in classroom.
  6. Several Hotels & Motels in the area to choose from. (Make your own arrangements)
  7. Parking is available in front of Facility or to the right or left of the Building. Lock your Car!
  8. Use of cell phones, email or texting during class is STRICTLY PROHIBITED & all Devices to remain off during class hours.
  9. Tape recording a session is allowed with the permission of the Instructor; however video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  10. Class pictures will be taken the final evening of School. You should wear a coat & tie for the pictures.
  11. Final Examinations will be given on Saturday evening and Diplomas awarded.
  12. The School reserves the right to dismiss any Student at any time for any reason on account of Alcohol or Substance Abuse or Disruptive or Inappropriate behavior at any time and the School has earned its Tuition.

This program has a minimum enrollment of 8 students in order for the class to make.

Click here for the enrollment form in pdf format

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I understand that if I am a student from Georgia, Indiana or Ohio, I am required to attend two additional days of class, making this a 10 day course. I am paying a minumum downpayment of $300.00. I have read and agreed to the policies of Kentucky Auction Academy Please send me the Training CD and enroll me in the session selected. I understand this is only an enrollment fee to reserve a spot in the session and that the total tuition is $1,495.00. I agree to pay the balance of $1195.00 upon entering Kentucky Auction Academy and executing the Enrollment Contract. I understand that $50.00 of the fee is for the Training CD and is not refundable once I receive these materials. I also understand that if at any time after payment of the enrollment fee and prior to the first day of class of any session, I decide not to attend that I will receive a refund of the registration fee of $250.00 within thirty (30) days of giving written notification to the school.

Student Protection Fund
The Student Protection Fund exists to assist students who are enrolled and attending a licensed school at the time of its closing. For more information on filing a claim against the Student Protection Fund, visit the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education's website at

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Optionally, you may print out the application, fill out and mail with check or money order to:

Kentucky Auction Academy
2435 Fitzgerald Industrial Dr.
Bowling Green Ky 42101