The Course by Kentucky Auction Academy

The Kentucky Auction Academy curriculum is a comprehensive 80 hour course designed to teach students the skills and abilities essential in performing as an Auctioneer.

  • Graduates of this program will be able to communicate and interact with the public in conducting Auctions with an emphasis on professionalism and ethics in accordance with the National Auctioneers Association. They will learn how to conduct themselves as an Auctioneer in performing the Auction chant and other Auctioneer responsibilities.

  • In addition, they will learn buyer/seller prospecting, effective marketing, auction setup, negotiating contracts, final settlement, collect and manage sales tax, maintain Auction files and perform management skills for a variety of Auction sales. Graduates of this program may find employment at an Auction House, Antique Auction Gallery, Auto Auction, Livestock Auction, Real Estate company or may choose to start their own Auction business.

  • The tuition, which includes the study guide and registration fee, is only $1,495.00

COURSE CATALOG - 80 hours of Instruction


Course #

Bid Calling / Auctioneers Chant KAA 101
Breathing and Voice KAA 102
Professionalism and Ethics KAA 103
Opening Statements KAA 104
Public Speaking KAA 105
Starting an Auction Business KAA 106
Sale Management Budgeting Advertising Labor KAA 107
Sale Terms and Conditions KAA 108
Clerking and Cashiering KAA 109
Appraisals KAA 110
Residential Real Estate KAA 111
Commercial Real Estate KAA 112
Uniform Commercial Code and Security Agreements KAA 113
Consignment Auctions KAA 114
Heavy Equipment Auctions KAA 115
Ring Work / Bid Spotting KAA 116
Livestock Auctions, Purebred and Pedigrees KAA 117
Automobile Auctions KAA 118
Farm Auctions/Agricultural Real Estate KAA 119
Licensing and Regulation / Auction Law (by State) KAA 120
Auction Contracts KAA 121
Business Liquidations and Personal Property Auctions KAA 122
Sale Make Ready, Setup and Preparation KAA 123
Government Auctions KAA 124
Sale Brochures and Catalog Preparation KAA 125
Auction Sales / Ballroom vs. On Site KAA 126
Antiques and Collectibles KAA 127
Auction Bookkeeping /Accounting / Sales Tax KAA 128
Charity and Fundraising Auctions KAA 129
Computers in the Auction Business KAA 130
Internet Auctions and Technology KAA 131
Estate and Household Auctions KAA 132
Advertising KAA 133
Test Review KAA 134
Professional Auctioneers Organizations KAA 135
Risk Management KAA 136
Bankruptcy KAA 137
Firearms KAA 138
Tobacco KAA 139
Auction House KAA 140







KAA 101 - Bid Calling / Auctioneers Chant
Introduction to Bid Calling and Master effective use of rhythm. Instruction through tongue twisters and number drills. Also understanding Psychology of Bid Calling.

KAA 102 - Breathing & Voice
Students will learn voice control, breathing as you chant and care and protection of your voice.

KAA 103 - Professionalism & Ethics
Students will learn the Professional & Ethical Attributes of Auctioneering. Ethical Treatment of Buyers & Seller Identify deceptive trade issues. Dress and Actions of Auctioneers & overall standard of practice.

KAA 104 - Opening Statements
Students will learn the components of an opening statement. Prepare & present an effective Opening Statement.

KAA 105 - Public Speaking
Introduction to Public Speaking. Presentation skills & Eliminating stage fright.

KAA 106 - Starting an Auction Business
Ascertain Difference of Owner of Business or Contract Auctioneer Duties, due diligence & Budgeting of the Business.

KAA 107 - Sale Management Budgeting Advertising & Labor
Introduces Students to Management of an Auction Sale. How to Budget for the Auction, Preparation of Proposal. 

KAA 108 - Sale Terms & Conditions
Students will prepare and present auction sale terms and conditions that will govern the sale.

KAA 109 - Clerking & Cashiering
Introduction to Clerking & Cashiering at Auction. Manual & Computer Clerking. Close Out an Auction Sale.

KAA 110 - Appraisals
Instruction regarding appraising method of establishing values of personal property, identification ERA, resources, etc.  Standards and practices of such as well as real estate evaluation practices.

KAA 111 - Residential Real Estate
Identify Residential Auction Candidate. Method of Sale, Title, Tenants Rights, Zoning etc...

KAA 112 - Commercial Real Estate
Identify Commercial Auction Candidate. Highest & Best use Issues, Zoning etc...

KAA 113 - Uniform Commercial Code & Security Agreements
Introduction to UCC-1. Securities Forms, Understand Legal Issues, Liens, and Legal Notifications, Liability of Auctioneers.

KAA 114 - Consignment Auctions
Introduction to Physical set up of a consignment Auction. Organization of Books & Clerking. Identify Sources of Assets for Auction.

KAA 115 - Heavy Equipment Auctions
Learn the ability to identify heavy equipment assets, UCC & history tracking. On-Site and In-House Company Owned Auctions.

KAA 116 - Ring Work / Bid Spotting
Students will learn the necessity & value of Ringman. How to work and communicate to the Auctioneer, other Ringman and the public.

KAA 117 - Livestock Auctions Purebred & Pedigrees
Introductions to the basics of livestock identification & method of sale. Different On-Site or Auction Barn basics of the Sale, Prep & Set-up

KAA 118 - Automobile Auctions
Introduction to the Auto Industry Auction. Terms & Conditions that Govern Auto Auctions, On-Site Auction House or at Real Estate location.

KAA 119 - Farm Auctions/ Agricultural Real Estate
Ability to Identify Farm Auctions. Candidate & Farm Asset Identification. Preparation & Method of Sale.  Identifying Agricultural Prospects to Auction. Several methods of Agricultural Sale. Aspects of Agricultural Sale vs. Real Estate, Leases, Land use etc. Environmental issues such as chemicals, pesticides, etc. 

KAA 120 - Licensing & Regulations / Auction Law
Subject introduces students to the current NAA & State Laws governing Auctioneers. Identifying Departments that Regulate the Industry. Compliance of Laws & License Requirements. Practical & Ethical Issues.

KAA 121 - Auction Contracts        
Subject introduces Contracts & Legal Requirements of Contract Law. Fiduciary between You and Seller and Buyer.

KAA 122 - Business Liquidations & Personal Property Auctions
Learn the difference between Business Property Auctions and regular Personal Property Auctions. Set-up & discernment of items to Sell and how to Sell.

KAA 123 - Sale Make Ready, Setup & Preparation
Students will learn how to prep and Auction Property or Personal Property Assets, Organize and stage the Sale.

KAA 124 - Government Auctions
Introduction to State & Local role in surplus or Seized Auction Opportunities. Pro's and Con's.

KAA 125 - Sale Brochures & Catalog Preparation
Students learn the skills and basics to create & prepare Auction Sale Brochures & Catalogs. In-House and Out Sourcing.

KAA 126 - Auction Sales / Ballroom vs. On-Site
Students will learn Pro's and Con's of each venue. Organize the Method of Sale. Set-up of Ballroom vs. On-Site.

KAA 127 - Antiques & Collectibles
Identifications, Appraisals, and Demand of various Antiques & Collectibles. What's Hot for the time. Accessing expertise where needed.

KAA 128 - Auction Bookkeeping / Accounting / Sales Tax
Students will learn Basic Accounting & Bookkeeping at an Auction. Maintaining of Records & Collection of Sales Tax. Final Settlements.

KAA 129 - Charity & Fundraising Auctions
Students will learn how to identify and prospect for these Auctions. Meet with Organizations and give Value Added Proposals, Organize and Conduct.

KAA 130 - Computers in the Auction Business
Students will be introduced to the benefits of Today's Technology with Computers. Clerking, Accounting, Record keeping etc....

KAA 131 - Internet Auctions & Technology
Students will learn the basics of this fast growing aspect of Auctions. Technology Required and Facilitation at the Auction.

KAA 132 - Estate & Household Auctions
Learn the Legal Aspects of Estate Auctions. Make a Presentation to the Estate, Attorney, or Banks. In's and Out's of procedure.

KAA 133 - Advertising
Learn how to place effective Auction Ad Campaign. Compose the Ads, Multiple Markets, Budget and Cost.

KAA 134 - Test Review
Provides Student with a Final Test Review prior to the Final Exam. Awareness of Questions and format used.

KAA 135 - Professional Auctioneers Organizations
Learn the benefits of your State and National Associations and what they do. How credentials may be important to the Public.

KAA 136 - Risk Management        
Learn the benefits of Protecting your Auction Business. Insurance & Liability Issues.

KAA 137 - Bankruptcy
Discuss types & chapters, terms, concepts, requirements & US Bankruptcy codes.

KAA 138 - Firearms
Laws & Regulations governing the sale of firearms. State requirements, Federal mandates and the Auctioneer.

KAA 139 - Tobacco
Terms, Conditions, Sale Procedures & Regulations

KAA 140 - Auction House
Operation, Guidelines, Regulations.

The Kentucky Auction Academy school term is an eight day course starting on Saturday. The intensive Training begins at 8:00 a.m. each morning and continues until 6:50 p.m. There is a one hour lunch break each day and a ten minute break each hour. Students will receive 10 hours of instruction and Auction related activities each weekday. The Kentucky Auction Academy employs a team of professionals to teach the course who will be very interactive with the students during the entire session. Students will receive a total of 80 hours of intense Auctioneering instruction and training.

Students attending the Kentucky Auction Academy will be graded on attendance, conduct, ability to sell, participation in the classroom and overall comprehension of material presented. A student must receive a score of 21 or above to receive a satisfactory mark. Should a student show unsatisfactory progress at that time, which is defined as any one or more of the following: 1) Scoring 20 or below on the Progress report; 2) Three or more unexcused tardies; 3) unacceptable conduct such that it disrupts the class and is detrimental to the learning environment of the other students as determined by the school Director; and/or 4) lack of participation in the classroom that directly impacts the students ability to progress in learning the basic Auction chant as determined by the school Director, then in such event the student will be placed on probation until the end of the sixth day of class. If at this time, the student continues to show unsatisfactory progress the student will be dropped from the program. Should the school Director determine that the student will benefit from repeating the course during a future session, the student will be permitted to do so at no additional charge; however, students terminated for unsatisfactory progress cannot be readmitted until a minimum of one grading period. In order to receive a final grade of Satisfactory (S), all students are required to have received a grade of satisfactory on the progress report or in the event that a student is placed on probation, the student must have demonstrated satisfactory progress by the end of the sixth day of class; and students must also score a grade of 75 or higher on the final written examination given on the last day of class. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those students receiving a final mark of Satisfactory (S).

Any student that has paid his/her full tuition and must withdraw for an appropriate reason unrelated to the student’s academic status may receive a grade of incomplete. In such event, the student will be allowed to re-enroll in the program during the 12 month period following the date the student withdraws and complete those incomplete subjects without payment of additional tuition.

The Student Protection Fund exists to assist students who are enrolled and attending a licensed school at the time of its closing. For more information on filing a claim against the Student Protection Fund, visit the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education's website at